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  • 创世棋牌官网

    History Milestones Mission And Vision Values And Commitment
    Core Group Structure CN Innovations Chung Nam Watch CN Lifestyle CN Fashion

    CN Convergence Limited invests in partnerships to nurture the development and manufacturing of OEM products and services which require wireless solutions for data communications, GPS capabilities or RFID devices.

    • Focus on active and passive radio frequency identification transponders
    • WIFI wireless technology for transmission and IP access devices
    • Intelligent Passive RFID readers using IPX and Gen2 protocal
    • Co-develop edge server software with key ERP platform companies
    • Provide ROHS complaint manufacturing
    • Ensure ISO 9002 certified operations
    CER Limited | CN Innovations Limited | L Plus H Fashion Limited | M-Solv Limited | Roamer | TimeNetwork Limited | We R Family Foundation |
    Chung Nam Group of Companies
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