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  • 创世棋牌官网

    History Milestones Mission And Vision Values And Commitment
    Core Group Structure CN Innovations Chung Nam Watch CN Lifestyle CN Fashion
    1935-40 Watch manufacturing and distribution
    1950's Retail and wholesaling for watch
    OCTO watches
    1960's Retailing and distribution of bedding, houseware, and shoes
    1980's Precision engineering
    Fashion retailing and wholesaling
    1991-92 Physical vapour deposition and metal injection molding
    Thin-film coating
    1997 Radio frequency
    2000 In-house research and development
    2002 Optical coating
    2003 Wireless networking environment
    Mobile handheld devices, wrist instruments
    Patent for hard coating stainless steel
    2005 RFID development
    Establish Chungnam Corporation as the holding company for the six major businesses
    2006 Three private equity fund investments in CN Innovations Holdings Ltd
    2007 Production of TV, film, and animation content for worldwide broadcast markets
    2008 Establish an independent business unit for corporate social responsibility
    CER Limited | CN Innovations Limited | L Plus H Fashion Limited | M-Solv Limited | Roamer | TimeNetwork Limited | We R Family Foundation |
    Chung Nam Group of Companies
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